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In every conveyance of real estate, whether it be an apartment lease, a residential home purchase, or something as minimal as renting a PG accommodation for yourself, the prospective purchaser or renter must conduct some level of due diligence toward investigating the quality, both physical and intangible, of the real estate they are being conveyed.

It is important, however, to remember that the foundational logic for conducting the property investigation at both ends of the continuum remains the same: you need to know the characteristics of the real estate being conveyed, so that you can adequately balance the risks and confirm that the superficial level of value represented by the purchase price or rental rate matches the reality of the condition of that real estate.

For your convenience, Homezway Properties will assist you in the entire procedure of by offering the following services :

  • Current tenant information.
  • All present uses of the real estate
  • Any third party reports or inspections initiated by seller
  • Any surveys of the land and improvements in seller’s possession
  • Seller’s current policy of title insurance
  • Any applicable condominium documents
  • Notices of any pending or threatened litigation or governmental action relating to the real estate or seller
  • Notices of any environmental conditions
  • Notices of any new or special assessments or taxes
  • Copies of all current bills for the property
  • Service contracts
  • Evidence of current zoning
  • As-built plans and specifications
  • All construction related documents including warranties
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